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Regardless of the season, skin problems are a common occurrence. Even if you decide to go to an esthetic salon, you may not be able to make up your mind because of the time and money involved.

I am glad to know that I can take care of my skin at my own convenience with a home-use facial tools. Besides, if your skin is beautiful to begin with, you can save time when getting ready in the morning.

Here, we will introduce recommended facial device for those who want to use a facial device in the future and those who want to find a product that suits them better than the one they are currently using.

Types of Facial deviceses

There are various types of facial devices. Each type of facial device can approach different skin problems. It is important to choose the facial device that best suits your concerns.

Let us introduce you to which types of facial device can approach which skin problems.

Optical LED

This type of facial device is often used by cosmetic surgeons and esthetic salons to apply infrared rays to the face.

Different colors of LEDs have different effects on the skin.

  • Red: Gives elasticity to the skin.

  • Blue: Improves skin texture and keeps the skin healthy.

  • Yellow: Removes dead skin cells and lifts up the skin

This is the easiest of all the facial products because all you have to do is shine a light on the skin.

RF (radio frequency)

This is a RF facial device that uses RF, which is an electromagnetic wave used in the medical field and safe for the skin.

It warms the skin from deep inside, promotes blood circulation and lymph flow, and works on the inside of the skin. This is expected to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Ion induction

By passing a weak electric current through the skin, this type of facial device makes it easier for beauty ingredients such as lotion to penetrate into the skin.

This type is recommended for dry skin because it is highly effective in moisturizing the skin. Also, since it can approach the inside of the skin, it can be expected to reduce the appearance of blemishes and dullness.


This type of facial device stimulates the muscles of the face by passing a weak electric current through them, thereby promoting the effect of a smaller face and a lift-up.

If you usually work at a desk all the time or do not have much opportunity to use facial muscles because you work silently, EMS may be a good option for you. However, if you do not like the stimulation, you may want to refrain from using EMS because it does not last long.

This is a minor point, but we actually asked an esthetic salon about it, and they said that it is better to use a lotion that does not contain oil for the EMS system.


This type of hot and cold beauty device, such as water peeling, uses ultrasonic vibrations to remove dirt from pores. They are gentle to sensitive skin as they can remove dirt without rubbing the skin.

There are differences in performance depending on the frequency of ultrasonic vibration, with higher frequencies having better performance in removing dirt and keratin from pores.

On the other hand, some products with a lower vibration frequency are effective for lifting and wrinkles, so you can choose a product according to the accompanying effects.

How to Select a Facial devices

Here we introduce how to choose a facial device. I would be happy if you could refer to it in light of your own living situation.

Choose the one that suits your skin problems.

Choose a product that matches your current skin condition. As an extreme example, if you use a facial roller for the purpose of improving dry skin, it may promote cracking and powdering due to skin friction.

Skin problems can be visible, so it is important to assess your skin condition and the effect the facial roller will have on your skin. For example, if you want to tighten your skin, we recommend the "RF" or "EMS" type of lift-up facial device.

If you want to take care of your face line easily, we recommend a face massage tool. If you want to remove dirt and keratin from pores, you should choose a facial device that can use water peeling. A facial device that can moisturize before cleansing will help you tone your skin while maximizing the benefits of your care.

Choose one that fits your lifestyle rhythm.

Prices of facial device vary widely, but in general, products that are more effective and popular are more expensive.

It would be a waste if the facial device you purchased is left in the folder of your wardrobe because you don't use it often enough, wouldn't it? Therefore, choose a product that you can use daily or on a schedule that you can keep for a long time.

Choose by price

Although it is cheaper than going to an esthetic salon for home use, many products cost several tens of thousands of yen. Therefore, if you do not set a budget and choose a product that you are satisfied with, you will feel a sense of dissatisfaction even though you bought it at an affordable price.

On the other hand, there are also some reviews that say, "I bought it because it was cheap, and it made my skin even rougher! I have also seen such reviews as "I bought it because it was cheap and it made my skin even rougher! In my opinion, I recommend that you try the product in a store or rent it and actually use it before you buy it.

Choose based on its size and shape

Since a facial device is an item that is meaningful only if you use it continuously every day, we recommend that you choose one that is as stress-free to use as possible.

If it is a hand-held type, we recommend a compact and lightweight vibrating facial massager that is easy to move around. Also, if the item is to be applied directly to the skin, check if the head part can easily adhere to the skin.

The fit will vary depending on the unevenness of the face, so try it out while selecting the facial device that best suits you.

Check the time required for care

The frequency and timing of facial device use will vary from person to person, but decide in advance how much time you can devote to facial care.

If you have a clear idea of the timing and circumstances of use, you can choose a facial care device with a care time that corresponds to your needs.

For example, a lifting device requires 5 to 10 minutes, a facial roller requires about 3 minutes for the entire face, and a water peeling device depends on the season and skin type.

In this way, you can choose a facial device while referring to the care time and taking into consideration when you will use it.

Also check consumables such as gels

Some facial care products require consumables such as special gels. To use a facial device continuously, you should also check the running costs of consumables.

Although you may be tempted to focus only on the purchase cost of the facial device, the consumables may cost more in the long run. Check to see if there are any consumables, and if so, how much the running costs will be.


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